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3 Jyotirlinga Tour from Package Pune - ForSure Taxi

3 Jyotirlinga tour Package from Pune | ForSureTaxi

A 3 jyotirlinga tour from Pune is the ideal option if you're looking for a spiritual adventure that blends ease of travel with deep religious significance. This journey offers a distinctive fusion of devotion, culture, and natural beauty as it takes you to three of the most praised Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra. Let's explore this educational experience in more detail, as well as how ForSure Taxi can ensure that your pilgrimage is both pleasant and unforgettable.

A trip to see the Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra is more than simply a travel experience; it's a spiritual pilgrimage that inspires serenity and a profound sense of devotion. The 3 Jyotirlinga tour package from Pune provides a perfect balance of convenience, adventure, and spirituality for both tourists and devotees. Everything you ought to know about this holy journey with ForSure Taxi is included in this post.

Explore the Sacred 3 Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra tour package from Pune

Take up Forsuretaxi’s religious tour package for three Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra starting from Nasik, and visit Brmhnath and Aukot for the most profound experience. With this purpose, this thoughtfully designed 3 Days package for Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra is planned to give your heart a sheer and soul stirring tour, beginning in Pune.

3 Jyotirlinga pilgrimage from Pune: 

Day 1: Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga

This pious journey commences with a comfortable transfer to Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga, situated in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges. Bhimashankar is regarded not only as a pious pilgrimage site but also as a picturesque spot for tourists because of its beautiful natural beauty. The rather conical temple with high-gabled roofs is situated in the middle of a forest, which serves as a suitable backdrop for praying and meditating.

Day 2: Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga

The next day, visit Trimbakeshwar It is the sacred town which houses one of the twelve Jyotirlinga, known as Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga. This, located near Nashik, is famous for its different structure and architecture and the Godavari River, also known as the Ganges of the South. Watch the Abhishekam rites and perhaps also enjoy the beautifully calm natural views. Lodging is an absolute must that guarantees spiritual rejuvenation due to the town’s religious feel.

Day 3: Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga

On the final day, it is recommended to make a visit to the Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, located near Aurangabad. This temple, among the twelve Jyotirlingas, is a classic piece of architecture and one that epitomizes the devotion of India. Experience the religious blessings by observing the aarti performed by the temple and enjoying the holy ambiance of the temple. Also a few more heritage sites, the tour features a visit to the Ellora Caves, making your pilgrimage a blend of history too.


This package for three Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra is an attractive offer, that favors comfortable transportation and guided tours, as well as attentive supervision by Forsuretaxi throughout the trip. Thus, those interested in discovering the wonders of these religious places should book the 3 Days package for Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra and be ready to earn spiritual rewards with Pune Jyotirlinga tour itinerary.

Three Jyotirlinga Trip from Pune: A Divine Journey

 3 Jyotirlinga Tour from pune 3 Days,  Pune to Jyotirlinga tour

Step into a divine pilgrimage with the help of Forsuretaxi’s 3 Jyotirlinga Tour from Pune 3 Days. This spiritual tour provides an unbroken exposure of the three sacred Jyotirlinga shrines in Maharashtra.

Your pilgrimage can start with the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga temple, located in the district of Aurangabad, in the Sahyadri hills. Subsequently, Trimbak, the sacred town famous for the Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga, is located near Nashik and is distinguished due to its architecture and religious practices. Finally, after visiting different spiritual sites, you can go to the Trimbakeshwar and Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga near Aurangabad before heading back home.

Forsuretaxi offers customized and comfortable Pune to Jyotirlinga tour itineraries for travelling from Pune to Jyotirlinga with safe and reliable transportation options and support. Go through a spiritually fulfilling stay with our well-Thought-Out package. Contact us now and get the best package for 3 Days 3 Jyotirlinga Tour and explore divinity

Affordable Pune to Jyotirlinga cab fare at ForSureTaxi

A range of reasonably priced solutions are available from ForSureTaxi for your pilgrimage from Pune to Jyotirlinga. We have the ideal car for your trip, whether you'd rather travel in a big AC Minibus, a cozy AC Sedan, a small AC Hatchback, or an AC SUV Large. Our taxis guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride, freeing you to concentrate on your spiritual development rather than issues with finding a place to stay.


Vehicle type


Taxi Fare


Wagnor or similar

Rs. 11/Km


Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Honda Etios, Honda Amaze, and Zest

Rs. 13/Km


Ertiga, Innova, Innova Crysta, and Xylo

Rs. 15/Km

Tempo traveller

09 Seater, 12 Seater, 17 Seater, 21 Seater, 27 Seater Tempo Traveler

Rs. 24/Km

Luxury Car

Ciaz, Honda City, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar

Rs. 35/Km

Note: The fare table supplied does not include parking or toll taxes. Depending on the path and destination, these fees could change. Throughout the trip, customers are in charge of paying a separate toll and parking expenses. For further information about toll and parking fees, please speak with the driver or get in touch with ForSureTaxi.

Choose ForSureTaxi for the best Pune Jyotirlinga tour package

With the excellent Pune Jyotirlinga tour package from ForSureTaxi, set out on a journey that will enhance your spirituality. Our assistance makes sure your journey runs smoothly and comfortably, so you can concentrate on your pilgrimage. With a range of car choices to fit your requirements and price range, ForSureTaxi provides trustworthy service at affordable prices. Savor the ease of simple reservations and courteous, skilled drivers committed to a safe and enjoyable travel.

  • Reasonably priced: All car options are offered at competitive prices.

  • Variety of Vehicles: A wide selection of cars is available, including minibuses, sedans, SUVs, and AC hatchbacks.

  • Comfortable Transportation: Air-conditioned, well-maintained cars provide a comfortable ride.

  • Convenient Booking: A simple, flexible online booking procedure is provided.

  • Dependable Service: Experienced drivers guarantee a fun and safe journey.

  • All-inclusive Packages: Including driver fees and fuel.

Contact us right away to book this tour package with ForSureTaxi

To reserve this tour package with ForSureTaxi, get in touch with us right now. Enjoy the finest that 3 Jyotirlinga Tour from Pune has to offer with our plush transportation, knowledgeable drivers, and well thought-out schedule. To secure your position, give us a call at +91-9552030300 or send us an email at Don't pass on this incredible spiritual experience.



Q1. What is the Pune to Jyotirlinga tour package from ForSureTaxi?

A1. It's a spiritual journey to three Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra from Pune, combining ease of travel with deep religious significance.

Q2. What can I expect from this pilgrimage?

A2. Experience a blend of devotion, culture, and natural beauty as you visit Bhimashankar, Trimbakeshwar, and Grishneshwar Jyotirlingas.

Q3. What are the highlights of the tour package?

A3. Comfortable transportation, guided tours, and attentive supervision by ForSureTaxi throughout the trip.

Q4. How is the itinerary structured?

A4. Day 1: Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga; Day 2: Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga; Day 3: Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga and Ellora Caves.

Q5. What are the taxi options available for the pilgrimage?

A5. Choose from an AC hatchback, sedan, SUV large, or minibus, all offered at competitive prices with inclusive packages.

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